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How to Stay Sane in an Insane Industry (February 2, 2017)

How do we keep writing, keep hoping, keep sending those query letters to their doom, instead of burning our lucky writing pencils in abject despair? More »

Query Faux Pas (November 3, 2014)

I am usually a meticulous person. I double-check the spelling of every word I type, fuss over every pixel I design, and inventory the contents of my purse every time I step out to pick up some milk. More »

The Waiting Game (October 3, 2014)

Some people are very bad at playing the waiting game. I am one of those some people. More »

Thoughts on Querying Agents (September 9, 2014)

On Sunday night I began querying agents to pitch Kagemusha. By Tuesday morning, I already had two form rejections in my inbox. More »

Agents: Rumors vs. Reality (February 23, 2014)

I queried literary agents for the first time in my freshman year of college. I had spent my senior year of high school writing a very confused novel about a girl who goes insane. "Terrible" doesn't begin to describe it. Sweetie found it on an old memory drive, skimmed a few pages, and asked me if I was high on drugs when I wrote it. Nope, but close—I was writing under the influence of adolescence. More »

The Nefarious Blurb (July 31, 2012)

Back in elementary school, the Scholastic catalog was a thing of wonder. I would pore over the books like an office girl drools over the product pages of Sephora. I carefully examined every catalog that came my way, but I took the Scholastic one especially seriously because it was the one full of things I could actually get. More »

Kobo Writing Life (July 17, 2012)

Kobo Writing Life went live yesterday, and Sweetie urged me to jump on the bandwagon before it got too full. I was just about go to bed at the time and was wary of going through the whole process of setting up an account etc. More »

I Beat the Brontes (June 12, 2012)

My life feels like it's been hanging in suspended animation for the past couple of days. I threw everything I had into one last-ditch effort to rescue Bubbles Pop from the dark recesses of one million plus rankings right before I was liberated from the clutches of KDP Select. More »

Sifting Through Editors (June 8, 2012)

Today, before wrapping up one final short story before I dig into WIP-B again, I browsed for freelance editors to help me prepare the final manuscript for publication. Yes, it's a long way off (and longer still if I keep spending my time on short stories and browsing for editors), but the search for a good one seems almost as long and difficult. More »