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The Illusion of Control (March 24, 2024)

Western fiction creates and vehemently defends the illusion we can control our fates. More »

Screw the Gatekeepers (October 13, 2023)

At extremes, people obsessed with "being" something will skip over the part where they actually do things to prove themselves, and they instead spend their time convincing imaginary competitors that they're inferior. More »

The Pursuit of True Long-Term Happiness (July 22, 2023)

Over the past few months I've had some personal experiences that prompted me to face uncomfortable but important questions. Namely: "Is my current life the one I want to live?" And, "Who do I want to be? More »

Europe Vacation (June 30, 2023)

Like millions of others around the globe, when the COVID masks came off I inhaled two lungs full of wanderlust! Our Hawaii vacation in December was initially supposed to be a once-a-decade event, but before we even boarded the plane home I was dreaming of the next one. More »

Thoughts on Narcissism and Constructed Personal Realities (June 27, 2023)

Last week I traveled to Germany and Belgium. I'll post photos when I recover the energy to go through them all, but right now my body still thinks the appropriate time to wake up and start the day is 2 am. More »

Hawaii Vacation (December 13, 2022)

Last week, Sweetie and I visited Hawaii for our first substantial vacation in twelve years! We came back with sunburns, souvenirs, and 3450 photos and video clips. As tempting as it is to share all of them—because every photo taken in Hawaii is stunning, especially with a shiny new Sony A6400—I've selected only the important highlights below. More »

Guns in Fiction Land, Part 2 - Ten Years Later (May 27, 2022)

Nearly ten years ago, after the unfathomable mass murder of children in Sandy Hook, I wrote the post Guns in Fiction Land. Now in May 2022, after what has become just another commonplace mass murder of children in Uvalde, absolutely nothing has changed. More »

The Distinction between Exciting and Compelling (February 1, 2022)

A lot of death, high stakes, and constant excitement doesn't always create mystery or peak curiosity. More »

Dealing with Rejection (January 22, 2022)

Even for people with stellar mental health, the process of publication in the 2020s will wear them down until they're exhausted and disillusioned. More »

Reading in Bad Faith (January 15, 2022)

I've been seeing a trend in Goodreads reviews and social media threads: people are increasingly criticizing books for "problematic content" that isn't actually in the text. More »