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280 Characters (March 24, 2021)

OMG I'm SCREAMING I'm CRYING I'm DESPERATE I'm OBSESSED let's play a game everyone tell me what you think of me, go! More »

Limerick #6 (May 26, 2012)

A young poet brooded and dwelt On the unhappy hand life had dealt. He climbed up a cliff, Cried, "Goodbye! This is it!" Then went home to write how it felt. More »

My Contrary Personality (May 6, 2012)

I wrote today. Shocking, right? I haven't written anything substantial in about a week. Not sure where my time went, but it certainly wasn't into making those progress bars go up. I think I spent it on limericks, putting together job applications, updating my resume and portfolio, and celebrating the end of the school semester with Sweetie by splurging $13. More »

Fun Things for Cynical Writers (April 23, 2012)

First, a limerick: A radical author from Boston Found reviewers would often accost him. He fussed and he railed, But eventually wailed, "Fuck it! I'll rewrite Jane Austen." Second, a link: Everyone is a (One) Star: Some of the best one-star reviews around the Interwebs: "The main character wasn't likeable at all. More »