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Why Plot Isn't Everything (November 16, 2014)

Because readers care so much about plot, many writers fall into the trap of thinking it's the only narrative element that matters. More »

Balancing Humor and Pathos (November 8, 2014)

One of the reasons comedy is so difficult to write and sell is that most modern readers want to identify with the characters of novels. They don't like to watch and judge from the outside; they like to be in the protagonists' skin. They like heroes and heroines to feel the way they feel and think the way they think. More »

Beware the Biting of the Lips: Body Language Found in Fiction That You Don't See in Real Life (August 12, 2014)

A few days ago, after many moons of waiting, I finally received a book I'd reserved at the public library—a work of women's fiction that has topped bestseller lists and earned critical praise from several impressive-sounding newspapers and journals. I wasn't much interested by the premise, but I felt I should keep an open mind and see what the fuss was about. More »

Who Is Your Audience? Or, Why I Don't Care What Your Heroine Ate for Breakfast (June 27, 2014)

Sometimes I worry that my posts here send mixed messages. First I say, "Writing is communication, period. Write for your audience." And then I say, "Don't worry what other people think. Have confidence in yourself and your ideas." More »

BS Writing Advice: Silence Your Internal Editor (May 4, 2014)

When I write these posts about "BS Writing Advice," I'm being a bit unfair. The original advice, or the idea behind it, is not usually BS on its own. It becomes BS because of the way it's interpreted. More »

Epistolary Style: Pros and Cons (March 22, 2014)

The other day I read a book. I know, I know, I should stop doing that. Nine out of ten times after I finish reading a book, I wander around with an intense look on my face that makes Sweetie ask, "What happened?" I answer, "I read a book." He sighs and says, "You know better!" More »

Tips for Writing Descriptions (March 15, 2014)

Here are some tips for writing descriptions that I wish someone had given me before I wasted five manuscripts figuring them out. More »

Writing Novels Like Screenplays (April 29, 2013)

Yesterday I discovered that my local library subscribes to eBooks through Indiana Digital Media, which is powered through Overdrive. I went to town browsing all of the books I normally wouldn't look twice at if I had to pay for them through Amazon: horror novels, paperback romances, sci-fi and thrillers. More »

BS Writing Advice: Adverbs Are the Enemy (October 19, 2012)

This post begins another sporadic blogging series which I have affectionately dubbed "BS Writing Advice." I believe the title explains itself. But for the purposes of establishing a mission statement and sticking to it, I will declare that I intend to write about the ubiquitous Pro Tips for writers which are, in my humble opinion, bullshit. More »