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WIP Reincarnation

Rest in peace, WIP-B, and welcome to the world, WIP-BB. Over the weekend Sweetie and I worked out how to rescue WIP-B from its three-fourths completed, cobweb-gathering existence by plucking it up from 1897 London and plopping it right here into the twenty-first century, in good ol' NYC.

There are some obvious disadvantages to taking such drastic measures. First of all, my progress bar is back to 0.00%. Second, the small, rule-driven world that governed my characters' behavior just exploded. My heroine got cranked up on a century of social reforms, and my hero aged ten years and acquired some colorful vocabulary. My East End lady's maid has morphed into an administrative assistant from Kentucky. Since she's no longer separated by her gentlemanly suitor by social castes, I had to come up with a whole new, knotty reason for their relationship to cause a scandal. The very premise of the story had to change from a couple forced together by demanding parents to a couple who dug themselves into the whole faux engagement mess by being argumentative and stubborn.

But, all things considered, the story translated surprisingly well. The underlying messages are the same, since in placing WIP-B in an exotic, historical setting I was basically masking the themes I was afraid would be too touchy with readers today. Though the world has changed fundamentally, a lot of things are still the same. Instead of corsets, my heroine stuffs her figure into Spanx. The political conservative/liberal split has only grown more pronounced, with just as much hypocrisy on both sides (though the entire spectrum has nudged left a bit).

I'm not going to begin writing this just yet. Sweetie advises me to let it "simmer" and congeal before I tackle it. Besides, last night I welcomed a new alternative personality into the world for slightly violent fantasy, and she has a couple of books in the wings :p


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