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Vacation Days

Before this past Monday, I hadn't blogged, written, jogged, enjoyed a work-free weekend, or slept for an uninterrupted 8 hours for approximately two months. The reason was this, the bane of my existence since January 2014.

PCC Library website

Pictured is the website of the Portland Community College Library, which went live at midnight on Monday, June 15. (I used to attempt to hide where I work, but my LinkedIn account is the first result if you Google my name, so I might as well show off.)

If you think writing and publishing a book is exhausting, try developing a website for academics. :p

Now I'm taking an official vacation for two weeks. I have a lot to do in these weeks before I have to drag myself back to work. So far I have...

Turned a summer dress I haven't worn since college into a handy-dandy apron.

TK wearing apron

Used the remaining fabric to make drink coasters.

Fabric coaster

Coaster with cup

Made hair accessories out of old bobby pins and headbands, nail polish, and plastic gems torn off a thank you card the library director gave me for surviving the redesign.

Glittery hair pins

Flower hair pin

Gem headband

Took a picture of myself for the first time since I cut my hair in bangs last year. All the beauty experts in women's magazines say you can't have bangs with a round face, so since elementary school I'd worn my hair in one uniform length, pulled back and/or parted to one side. Then last summer I rebelled, seized a pair of scissors, and discovered that the magazines lie. My face looks smaller than it ever did without bangs.

TK with bangs

An added benefit of this hairstyle: I can cosplay as Maya Fey or an ancient Chinese palace maid without using a wig.

Maya Fey sprite

Palace Maids in Three Kingdoms

TK with Maya Fey hair

All I need is a long robe, and I'm all set to serve court ministers bowls of wine infused with the blood of traitors.

I've also been walking/jogging on the treadmill every other day, when Luna's not using it.

Luna on the treadmill

Still on the to do list:

  • Finish some blog posts that were left half-written weeks ago.
  • Experiment with sweet and savory baozi fillings. I recently tried steaming my bean paste buns instead of baking them, and I'm never baking them again. So magically fluffy!
  • Sit down and outline my steampunk wuxia trilogy. Cozy mysteries didn't work out because there weren't enough sword fights.


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