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Stories 1

When I was in library school, I briefly produced a comic strip called Stacks. I eventually stopped because drawing the strips was absurdly time consuming, and I was busy with other things. Well, now I'm not so busy, but I'm not a librarian-in-training anymore. This morning I felt bizarrely compelled to resume my strip, but a change of title to reflect my new pseudo-profession was in order. After approximately thirty seconds of thought, I settled on Stories. Not only does it also start with an "st," but it has layers of meaning: it's a series of stories about stories, called Stories! (Okay, I really just picked it because of the "st").

I won't make any promises, but these comics may show up here on days that I don't feel like doing any real work. So without further ado, I present Stories Strip #1:

Stories #1


Anonymous (February 1, 2012, 11:13 pm)

stacks of stories

(Will not be shown)

What is the first letter of "Arizona"?