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Relationship Lessons from Disney Movies

The Little Mermaid

To net the man of your dreams, you should cut ties with your family, give up your best talents, and uproot your life to move to "his" world. Then if you keep your mouth shut and act cute, he'll fall for you hook, line, and sinker.

Ariel and Eric

Getting married at 16 is a great idea.

Beauty and the Beast

If you fall for a monster who isolates you from everyone you know, controls your every move, and flies into violent rages when he's upset, remember that he's only acting that way because he's lonely. Shower him with enough love, and he'll turn into a perfect prince.

Belle and the Beast

Rescue fantasies are so romantic.

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty

The best way to deal with difficult people is to run away from them and hide. Eventually a strong man will come along to fix all of your problems and take care of you forever.

Also, if a man you barely know kisses you while you're unconscious, it's true love.

Snow White and Prince Charming Aurora and Phillip

You'll know he's The One because he'll be sporting a red cape and a pompadour.

Bambi and The Lion King

That hormonal rush you feel when you reach adolescence and notice that your childhood friend has blossomed into a sexy young adult? Also true love. You should get married as soon as possible and live happily ever after.

Bambi and Faline Simba and Nala

It's not lust, it's destiny!


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