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My First Fan

According to various sources, I am supposed to be doing everything in my power to cultivate "fans." The magic number of "fans" required for career success and stability varies, but generally hovers around 1,000. One thousand people who will jump on everything I write like discounted Xboxes on Black Friday? Ha. I can't even get ten people to review Bubbles Pop. The only "fan" I expect to read everything I publish is the man from whom I can withhold food. And even then, he kicks a royal fuss about it.

So you can imagine my surprise when, as I was posting a fluffy story under a pen name on PubIt! (not "Nell Kitamura," but one equally obscure), I caught a look at the sales report from May. I made three short story sales that month...which I used to think was pathetic, but now I'll cling to anything I can get. Three! The first was on the 18th for "The Arrangement." Then on the 19th, one copy each of "Rosebay Manor" and "The Mistress" were sold too.

Coincidence? I think not. Barnes 'n Noble doesn't tell me who bought what, but given that these were my only sales of the month and they all happened in a suspicious little cluster, I think it's a safe bet to say I have a fan. Somebody likes me! Or at least they liked "The Arrangement" enough to think they liked me and seek out my other late Victorian romances.

Will they buy other stories published in the future? Mm...probably not. They've most likely already forgotten those stories they used to wile away a Saturday afternoon, and it never really registered who wrote them. But they did leave two four-star ratings and one three-star (for "Rosebay Manor," which I'm not that fond of either...though to be quite cynical, the one star drop might have been due to the absence of sex). They're not a fanatic fan, but at least a lukewarm one. It's a start.


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