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Life has taken so many twists since my last post here that I don't know where to begin. It would be impossible (and boring) to cover it all in detail, so here's a brief outline. You know how I love brief outlines.

  • I got a full-time job.
  • We uprooted and exchanged the Midwest for the Northwest.
  • We moved into a two-story townhouse in swanky suburbia.

It's not all that much when you list it out, but they've been big, big changes for Sweetie and me. We're starting to settle a bit, but this whole region feels like a bubble dimension somehow separate from planet Earth as we know it. Here's what I've gathered about our new city in the past month.

1. Everyone's all friendly. Ever heard of "Hoosier hospitality?" It's a lie. The strangers here...they smile at you. The cashiers are happy to serve you. All of our neighbors walk around after dark with their Pomeranians in cashmere sweaters and their doors unlocked. It's like I'm living in an episode of Leave It to Beaver.

2. You can't walk ten feet without tripping over a Starbucks. You can't drive two miles without bumping into a shopping complex with a Target, a Petco, and a Panda Express. I haven't seen a single Walmart since I stepped off the plane.

3. It rains Every. Single. Day. It doesn't rain all the time, but it starts and stops in half-hour fits. My pansies are happy, my Sweetie not so much.

My days in this brave new world go something like this:

  • I wake up, bathe, and make myself Fiber One pancakes.
  • I go to work. The sky falls down. (In IT, the sky always falls down. At least every other day.)
  • I spend the morning chugging tea and trying to hoist the sky up Atlas-style.
  • I eat nutritious, delicious Maruchan Yakisoba for lunch. (That was sarcastic. Maruchan "Yakisoba" is glorified ramen.)
  • I come home. I complain to Sweetie that the sky fell down again.
  • I make dinner. And by "make dinner" I mean I pop a DiGiorno in the oven.
  • I watch some Netflix. Likely the 2004 BBC Adaptation of North and South or the Sherlock miniseries for the nth time.
  • If I'm feeling energetic, I hop on the treadmill.
  • If I survive the treadmill, I eek out a few words of Kagemusha. Or at least the Kagemusha outline. My standards are not so high.
  • I sleep.

No where in there, notice, is the part where I unpack all the boxes piled up on the living room floor. At least we have the essentials within reach: food, computers, and clothes. In that order.


Nam Chen Marnell (October 10, 2013, 10:22 am)

and you haven't gotten to the important stuff yet -- teeth cleaning, flu shots, and eyes... Happy home-building!

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