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Thinking Happy Thoughts

Lately, I've been hanging out a bit too often with my toxic friends Disappointment, Cynicism, and Melancholy. I was passed over for a job I was really hoping to get without so much as a mass email to let me know (methinks they wanted a student, as these things usually go), and then The Chaperone dashed my hopes of becoming an instant smash by only selling two copies this weekend. I know it's unreasonable to expect to become a millionaire over night, but isn't that what we all secretly hope every time we press "Publish"?

But moping around depressed won't get me hired or sell more books. And, all things considered, life isn't too bad.

  • Sweetie and I saved ourselves $20 a month today by looking at the options from AT&T and discovering that we could downgrade to a cheaper family plan without locking ourselves into a new contract. The nice overworked lady on the phone, Louise, even back-dated it, so I'll get a refund for October.
  • I got a 100% on my Grammar Lab midterm. Then my instructor emailed to say she's been impressed with my performance in the class, and that she thinks my instincts are "very finely tuned." I didn't let on that those "instincts" are due to being raised by a couple who met while studying English in grad school :p
  • We've managed to keep the sink clear for the past three days in a row. I can even fit the Brita filter under the nozzle without any crazy acrobatics.
  • I just discovered that a serving of dark Hershey's Bliss chocolates has three grams of fiber. Woot.

Also, I'm making decent progress on the next Tara Chen short story. After one more, I might start a real, honest-to-goodness T.K. Marnell novel. I was supposed to let Madeleine Dupont have her last hurrah, but then I latched onto an idea that won't leave. It's a real doozy, though. We're talking 100k words after cutting it down...and in a genre I'm not very familiar with. But maybe that will work to my advantage—I won't just copy what everyone else does, but will produce something fresh. I expect it to take a year or more to write, though, and if I'm not tenacious it could end up like poor WIP-B.


Mark Marnell (October 31, 2012, 10:29 am)

There was a day when books, movies and the like built momentum over time, and success was not measured by the first weekend.

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What is the first letter of "Nevada"?