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Day Job Goings-On

The university has basically shut down this week for Thanksgiving Break. Spoiled kids—when I was a student we had classes until Wednesday. I would be looking forward to a vacation too, but I get paid by the hour, and I need my 40 hours per pay period. I would have stuffed more hours into last week, but Sweetie brought home some flu-like bug (aches, headaches, and sore throats, but oddly no congestion) and I was out for two days.

So today I went in to do my time. I forfeit my right to complain about working on a Sunday because it's actually more pleasant to go in on weekends. Two lovely little words: free parking. No waiting for once-an-hour buses in below-freezing temps for me. Plus, I don't have to worry about other people stomping around and popping in to chat or sending me emails with demands to fix this or that every five minutes. There were a few workaholic postdocs doing their thing in the bedroom next door (these boys are no joke—they were there before I arrived at 9-something and were still plugging away when I left at 6:30), but they pretend I don't exist and I ignore them likewise. Also, my supervisor took me by surprise when she stopped by to water the plants before vacation. I didn't even know she was there until she opened the door on me. It was a good thing she caught me doing something that resembled working.

I managed to finish putting the finishing touches on the homepage of the new website, which launched two weeks ago. To make my work look impressive, I will first set very low standards by showing you what was waiting for me when I took the job:

Old CISAB Website

I like to call this look, "Sixth Grader Messing Around in Microsoft Publisher Chic." For the full eye-bleeding effect, you can see the screenshot captured on Apparently, it looked like this for six years or so. This image doesn't even show you the banner with the dead, mutated baby birds. Oop, here we go. Found it for you in the "Academics" section.

Old CISAB Website with Dead Bird

My apologies if I ruined your breakfast.

But now there are no deformed baby birds in sight. Just flowers, happy (live!) ducklings, and a group of people standing around looking nice and ethnically diverse.

New CISAB Website

The wildcat isn't too happy about the banner text getting all up in his territory, though.

New CISAB Website Close-up

You can see my handiwork at I think it almost makes us look like a real department now :p


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