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A Most Unfortunate Choice of Widget

Today I was gathering links to databases of animal behavior jobs for CISAB's website when I thought to look at the Indiana state parks for postings. So I hopped on over to our trusty government website, and wah...?

New State Website

Apparently supplying information isn't "cool" enough for bureaucrats these days, so we need giant pictures of guys white water rafting instead. Whatever floats your kayak, I guess.

So I scrolled down the page and couldn't make heads or tails of it. Whoever designed it must think "usability" is a 1940s gangster mispronunciation of "your ability." But they know all the hippest widgets! We've got random animated boxes, links to LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook, an abundance of glossy icons (since when does an exclamation point mean "subscriptions"?)...

And, of course, no cutting-edge website would be complete without an obligatory cloud.

Let's see what search terms are "trending" today:

  1. Unemployment
  2. Jobs
  3. Food Stamps
  4. Child Support
  5. Gun Permit
  6. BMV
  7. State Jobs
  8. Employment...

After seeing that, I felt a bit better about being a pitiful twixter. After all, unemployment is "trendy"!


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