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Took the Plunge

This morning I finally signed up for the copywriting certificate program at UCSD. Even though I said I'd do it months ago, and I even bought the textbook for the first class, I was still waffling on whether I'd register up until the moment I clicked the "Checkout" button. Parting with that $455 was just too painful.

Now I still have a month to take my money back before the semester begins, but I will consider that plunge taken. It's a relief to do something decisive, instead of just rambling about how maybe I'll do it someday in the future, but the pending charges to my credit card are still upsetting.

How upsetting? Well, I've sorted all the mail that's piled up, washed a week's worth of dishes, laundered my new work clothes, scrubbed the bathroom, and researched website and newsletter layouts for my new job, all before 6 a.m. If Sweetie wasn't still asleep in the next room, I'd vacuum and crumple all of the empty bottles for recycling. Cleaning makes me feel like I control the universe.

Logical fallacies are my best friends in times like these. I've been telling myself that I can afford it because CISAB offered me two dollars more per hour than I expected. That two dollars at twenty hours a week, fifty weeks per year, adds up to the $2k cost of the program. It wasn't in the original budget, so it's disposable income! We shall conveniently compartmentalize in our mental accounting, and ignore the fact that the $2k could also be used to pay more bills.

Now I'm going to exercise to relentlessly peppy music to drown out the voices of reason inside my head.


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