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Thoughts on the Women's Fiction Label (February 8, 2021)

Let's be honest about what people are thinking when they call a book Women's Fiction: it's bland fluff of inferior quality. More »

Let's Stop Making Excuses for Problematic Romances (August 4, 2019)

Minimizing or outright denying the problems in the classics doesn't protect the genre, but hinders it. More »

"Complex" Does Not Equal "Unlikeable" (April 21, 2019)

I'm tired of the same old gorgeous, angelic virgins with mile-long legs and no flaws other than "adorkable" clumsiness and low self-esteem. More »

Where Are All the Complex Female Characters? (January 13, 2018)

Every book and movie made today features a "strong" female heroine, but it's still rare to find a complex one. More »

Relationship Lessons from Disney Movies (September 11, 2016)

The Little Mermaid To net the man of your dreams, you should cut ties with your family, give up your best talents, and uproot your life to move to "his" world. Then if you keep your mouth shut and act cute, he'll fall for you hook, line, and sinker. More »

Faux Strength in Female Characters (January 17, 2016)

Not every heroine needs to be strong, but if you intend to write a strong heroine, you should do it properly. You can't just put her in combat boots and call it a day. More »

The Bechdel Test Is a Joke. Literally. (August 2, 2014)

A few days ago, I learned something that is likely common knowledge among people considered educated members of society: the Bechdel test is a joke. Literally. More »

Sex Isn't a Story, Intelligence Isn't Cute, and Culture Isn't Character (May 19, 2014)

On Friday I borrowed a certain library book. By Saturday night I was bitterly disappointed in the author, the publisher, and humanity as a whole. More »

Historical Romance: A Subgenre of "Fantasy" (December 7, 2013)

Balls. Arranged marriages. Corsets. Top hats. Chaperones. London. Brighton. Grand mansions in the quaint English countryside. Handsome footmen. Pretty ladies' maids. Bawdy lower classes using funny cockney slang. Proper upper classes using archaic speech patterns. Swords. Horse-drawn carriages. And, occasionally, pirates. More »

Agency in Adult Fiction (May 19, 2013)

Yesterday I finished another of Sophie Kinsella's bestsellers in my ongoing effort to learn the secrets of comedy gold. Unfortunately, this time the only lessons I took away were negative ones. The book of the week was The Undomestic Goddess, which has four and a half stars on Amazon. More »